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What's the problem?

To be honest, problem solving is not always easy. 1) The symptoms can be difficult to interpret when you are trapped in a busy day. 2) We find the right solution, but to a wrong or insignificant problem. Do not waste your time chasing the wrong problem. Get help from outside the box.

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The Right Solution to the right problem

Don’t ever forget your customers and their problems. You love your product and company, but what about loving your costumers? If you can help them, they will love you. Make your clients succeed and will fell the same.

The right solution for Bang & Olufsen was a client magazine with all the good stories on how to love Bang & Olufsen even more. The focus was not as much the products themself, but how they made their clients lifes more enjoyable. And it worked and was called “BeoBrief”

The Right Solution for Maersk

Some workplaces can be seriously dangerous if not everyone follows the safety rules. Every new employee must learn the new rules and follow them. Rules can be boring to learn and not least to remember. Therefore, the main rules were transformed into movie posters, which were included in the teaching and hung in the workplace. And rules sometimes need to be repeated, even after learning them. (In cooperation with: citizendane)

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Izabel Camille

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Bang & Olufsen : Design and Lay-out

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Eurosport : Design and Lay-out

Jeg stiller mig gerne til rådighed som reference. Jeg kan træffes privat på telefon 45 80 55 66 ( Carsten er specielt stærk på det grafiske område, og er en god kollega med rigtig mange talenter.
Lisa Holck (Lisa Christensen) Brühl
Marketing Director at Noscomed Medical Supply A/S