I'm Carsten Leth Lundh

I love to illustrate and design for any visual platform. If you’re looking for ideas for a new concept – you’re at the right place. Fell free to contact me 🙂

Some of my skills

What they say about me...

Carsten is a God damn graphical genius. He is probably one of the most focused and ambitious art directors I’ve ever worked with. He is the kind of guy who gets the job done. Not only in time, but also with all the consideration and involvement you can ever dream of. It is not uncommon to meet in the morning to discover that Carsten has been working so late, that he could see no point in going home, why he has been sleeping over at the agency.

If Carsten wasn’t such a gifted Art Director, I guess he would have been a rocket- or nuclear scientist, because that is the academic level he is working on.

At the same time he is the kindest guy you can think of, which gets clear to you when he is telling about his lavish flock of offspring.
Niels Peder Ravn
Creative director: Fat Pigeon
I worked in a creative team with Carsten at Bergsøe 4 in the periode 2000-2002. Carsten is not only a very talented art director and concept developer with a strong graphic sense, he is also a great, positive and outgoing guy.
Louise Frank
Konceptchef hos OK a.m.b.a.
Carsten has a very good Graphic understanding and works excellent on many platforms such as art-direction on adds, brochures, outdoor and webbased solutions.
Michael Andersen
Strategic Planner, Reklamebureauet-Os

More Skills - to make you happy

My influencers

Per Arnoldi

Per is a great personality. He was my teacher and a huge influencer at the Design School Denmark (Danish: Danmarks Designskole). We shared the same passion for the printform serigraphy. I graduated from the designschool with a project called "Anti-Arnoldi", were I broke almost all the rules of Arnoldi's teaching. He loved it and I got my degree in visuel communication. (see my work influenced by Arnoldi below)

David Carson

I met David Carson at a workshop in Copenhagen. He's a great influencer on graphic and editorial design with his trendsetting magazine "Ray Gun". He liked my work from the workshop and published it in his magazine. David is a huge creative force and all ways working on and thinking in new ways of designing. Doing graphic is a lifestyle not a job. I like that a lot. (see my work influenced by Carson below)

Karl V. Larsen

The most old school teacher I ever met - but in a good way. A master in the craft and discipline of drawing and painting. Draw and observe by drawing in B/W with a pencil or with his farorite tool: the black ball pen. No shortcuts. Just hard work and a lot of criticism. He loved the old masters. In my eyes, he was an old master himself. He died way to soon - R.I.P (see my work influenced by Larsen below)


Nicolai Svarer Schwensen

Freelance Copywriter - at nicolaiss

“I worked with Carsten on several different clients. He is a man of many ideas and his graphic touch is impeccable. On top of that he is a nice guy with a liberating infantile sense of humor.”

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